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DESIGN... understand complex environments and build realistic, results-focused plans

Through tailored, interactive training and coaching or whole system design, you gain a practical understanding of results based planning and management. You learn how to: scan your working environment, build logic models, assess and manage risk, monitor day-to-day implementation and evaluate progress and prepare compelling results focused reports. You leave P:N training, coaching, or systems design engagements practiced and more confident, often with the first draft of the plans that are high on your agenda, and sometimes with a tailored institutional system for results-focused planning and management. See Our Projects for examples of our design work.

What clients have said…

The team's analysis (of LVBC) and support helped to build staff capacity in results based management, while the RBM system guidebook contains relevant and easy to follow tools, templates and tips."
-Dr. Ally-Said, Matano, For Executive Secretary of the
Lake Victoria Basin Commission (LVBC), January 16th, 2015

With pressures of the upcoming election mounting, I was feeling a little underwhelmed at the prospect of dealing with project logic models, risk management plans and performance indicators. But in the end, it was not only interesting but invaluably helpful and fun.”
  -Margie Cook, Chief Electoral Advisor, UNDP/ELECT Project    Afghanistan Presidential Election, 2009

Logic models can strike terror in the hearts of the uninitiated. But your patience and support have made what could have been a gruelling chore into a great learning experience.”
  -Corrine Younie, Project Coordinator Greater Forest Lawn Community    Carsharing, Calgary

We turned to Plan:Net when a prospective funder recommended applicants have a formal logic model. Plan:Net provided invaluable guidance and coaching as we built our first ever logic model and a monitoring and evaluation framework. Time was short and the learning curve steep. Because they do what they do so well, our time working with Plan:Net was productive and results focused.”
  -Dianne Fehr, Executive Director, Immigrant Access Fund Society of Alberta