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CIDA Country Program Evaluations – Colombia – 2011-12, Ethiopia – 2009, Bangladesh – 2008

These were detailed examinations of Canada’s five year funding commitments to countries across priority sectors (including: private sector development, education, governance, agriculture) and through bilateral, multilateral and voluntary sector channels.

Regional Program Evaluation of the Inter-American Program, CIDA - 2010-11

Over the evaluation period (2008-13), the IAP supported initiatives to achieve better governance, improved health, to promote private sector development, and to strengthen the institutions of key partners, such as the Organization of American States (OAS) and its affiliated organizations, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), and members of the hemisphere's civil society. Our six person team Examine key issues pertaining to the IAP as a hemispheric program in the Americas, in particular progress in relation to sectoral outcomes and the relevance of IAP as a regional initiative in the Americas – i.e. its value compared to a bilateral programming approach. We also assessed the performance of the IAP’s delivery models (core funding, directive programming, and responsive programming) including the delivery mechanisms for Program-Based Approaches (PBAs).

Interdepartmental Evaluation, Canadian Landmine Fund Phase II – 2007-10

A team of six examined a second phase of Canada’s inter-departmental initiative to support implementation of the Ottawa Landmine Treaty, signed in 1997:
  • (Ottawa) Treaty Ratification and Universalization
  • Advocacy: Research, Policy Development, Partnership and Outreach
  • Promoting National and International Mine Action Technologies
  • Humanitarian Mine Action, Including Clearance, Mine Risk Education and Victim Assistance
  • Supporting the Research and Development of Mine Action Technologies through the Canadian Centre for Mine Action Technologies

Sectoral Review of Peru’s Energy and Hydrocarbon Industries, for CIDA – 2007-09

The Governments of Peru and Canada have a bi-lateral trade agreement aimed at strengthening democracy and consolidating mutual interests in the mining and hydrocarbon extractive industry sectors. There are about 80 Canadian mining companies and several Canadian petroleum companies in Peru. In preparation for renewal of the trade agreement, and the possible extension of both of the multi-year projects CIDA supports in the mining and hydrocarbon sectors (PERCAN & PHAP), primarily through contracts with Peru’s Ministry of Mines and Energy (MEM), a program review was initiated by CIDA.

PLAN:NET Limited conducted the review of the PERCAN and PHAP projects in the extractive mining and hydrocarbon industries respectively, and made recommendations regarding future programming in these two sectors.

In the fall of 2008, at CIDA’s request, PLAN:NET Limited summarized the common priority issues between Canada and Peru regarding the extractive industries in preparation for discussions in Lima between Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Peruvian President Alan Garcia. PLAN:NET Limited subsequently made recommendations for combining individual programming initiatives in Peru under one joint programming model for extractive industries.