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(With PSI) Development of project management framework and tools for the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance, Stockholm – 2013-14

The International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance (IDEA) is an intergovernmental institution with Head Quarters (HQ) in Stockholm. IDEA manages an international program worth €30 million annually implemented in over 100 projects in democratic development, electoral processes, constitution building, participation and representation, world wide that reach over 30,000 beneficiaries with the support of multiple donors and member states.

At the time of the assignment, IDEA had an overarching system framework to support program and project cycle management. What it lacked was a comprehensive project management methodology to ensure that all projects were aligned and linked to its core objectives.

Plan:Net in consortium with Project Services International (PSI), was selected in an international competition to help IDEA build a management methodology based on Results-Based Management (RBM) principles that would ensure that the project management process at IDEA is optimised so that all staff, at every level and in every office, use a common set of practical, cost‐effective tools to plan, manage and report on their areas of work.

This assignment lasted a year, ending in March 2014. Over this period our PN/PSI team of four…

    (With PSI) Development of RBM Systems for the Lake Victoria Basin Commission: project, program & institutional Performance Measurement Frameworks, monitoring, training & coaching - 2012-13

    Together with our colleagues at PSI and Nairobi based Microde Consulting, our team carried out: a situation assessment of LVBC’s requirements for an upgraded planning and management approach. In collaboration with staff and those in governance roles we developed: a) logic models for the institution as well as for the projects and programmes currently in their portfolio, b) Institutional Results Based Management Framework (RBMF) and project/programme specific Performance Measurement Frameworks (PMFs), c) an Institutional Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) handbook, and d) RBM training and advisory support to program officers at HQ.

    Monitoring and Evaluation System and Tools for the UNDP Election Support Project, Tanzania/Zanzibar - 2010

    A P:N consultant coached the UN Election Support Project Team through the steps of implementing an already agreed upon Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for the UN’s support mission to the 2010 Tanzania (and Zanzibar) elections. We worked with team members to finalize indicators, progress markers, targets and data collection methods; to identify baseline information and budgetary requirements for monitoring, and to develop a reporting framework and tools. We also drafted the TORs for the end of project evaluation.

    Performance Measurement System Design for the UNDP ELECT Project to cover the Parliamentary and Presidential Elections in Afghanistan - 2009

    During the second half of 2008, UNDP-ELECT renewed its project plan in preparation for Presidential and Parliamentary elections in Afghanistan slated for 2009 and 2010 and continued capacity building of Afghanistan’s Independent Electoral Commission (IEC). The UNDP team, already implementing components of the (2006-2010) project, required assistance from the donor community to advise on content and strategy, and to ensure that the project document was formulated with a results focused orientation. We were contracted to provide RBM support to the drafting process. This involved a ten-day mission to Kabul in October 2008. We facilitated stakeholders (principally IEC and UNDP-ELECT) in refining results and risk management frameworks, including performance measurement frameworks, M&E and project reporting systems in a manner that was consistent with UNDP practices.

    Integration of results based planning, monitoring, evaluation skills and systems into the Royal Government of Bhutan’s 10th Five Year Plan; for UNICEF and DANIDA – 2006-09

    This assignment over six missions, involved several rounds of RBM training with middle managers of central level ministries and agencies (~20) and Dzonghags (district administrations) and, at the final stages of assembly of the Tenth Five Year Plan, a round of consults with each ministry/agency to review program logic models and performance frameworks (2006-09). We also prepared an RBM primer for civil servants, a plan to integrate the budgeting functions of the Ministry of Finance with the planning functions of the Gross National Happiness Commission (Planning) and consulted on the development of an evaluation policy document.