"Working with Phil and his team at Plannet was a great experience!  Phil facilitated a Strategic Review process for our not-for profit organization that was both collaborative and creative. He was able to acknowledge diverse viewpoints, identify commonalities and help us visualize a  preferred future - which was captured in a visual that we could use as a focus for discussion. He involved every member of the organization and people could see that their input had been "heard" in the final recommendations. Phil's a great listener, and has excellent analysis and group facilitation skills. The final report was clear, concise and engaging.  We highly recommend this wonderful team!"

Tara Holmes
Immigrant Access Fund
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"I met Phil Cox from Plan:Net in 2010 while I was working in East Africa doing language development with SIL International. At that time we were working with over 40 languages across Tanzania and Uganda. Our organizational plan was under evaluation and Phil was part of a consultation process to help us improve our strategic plan. That process spurred a lot of growth for our organization as well as for myself with regard to how I understood the logic behind good planning.

In 2014, when I became the President of the Canada Institute of Linguistics, my first goal was to improve our organization's strategic plan and get my whole team "pulling on the same rope". I struggled, however, to figure out how to apply the logic of Results Based Management to something that wasn't a project but rather an institution. I remembered Phil and contacted him through Plan:Net.

Over the following 6 months, Phil worked with me and my team to develop the organization's first logic model. The process has involved everyone from our students to our Board of Directors and the result has been an acute sharpening of both how and why we do the things we do. Today our structure is better aligned with our mission and we are constantly improving our ability to measure our successes and failures. As a new President, I couldn't have asked for a better way to bring strong and clear leadership to my team at the outset of my leadership.

The biggest compliment I can give to Phil and Plan:Net is that in this process, we forgot that Phil was an "outsider" to our organization. Phil quickly embraced who we were and made our goals his own. At times I felt he knew more about us than we ourselves did! It's been a phenomenal start to my journey and I expect that we will continue to engage with Phil and Plan:Net as that journey continues.

Danny Foster | President
Canada Institute of Linguistics
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